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New Series beginning July 1: Summer in the Psalms


FIRST CHOICE 061318Psalms is a book for all seasons. It captures the breadth of human experience in a world where God truly reigns in justice and mercy, though sin and brokenness remain within us and among us. From summers of sweet praise and joy in his holy presence, to autumns of fading hope and intense trials, to the lonely winter when God seems silent and his help far off, to the renewed hope of spring when his mercy is fresh and his saving power triumphant. This book both resonates and refines us, as it directs our gaze and anchors our hearts in the power of God and the gospel of Christ.

So join us as we spend the summer season in this book for all seasons, looking at selections from what’s been called Book Two of the Psalms, chs. 42-72. Beginning July 1.

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