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Angel Tree Ministry

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It all starts with a gift...

For fourteen years we have delivered Christmas gifts to
the children of prisoners and shared the love of Christ through the ministry of Angel Tree.

This year we are hoping to serve Angel Tree families, as we did last year, by purchasing specially chosen gifts and delivering these gifts to their homes before Christmas. If your family would like to be matched with a prisoner's family, please contact Mabel Ellis (508-785-1827, mdedse @

On November 30 you will find an "Angel tree" in the front foyer hung with angel ornaments. These are prepared ahead of time and contain specific information so that we can provide an appropriate gift for a prisoner's child. If you would like to purchase a gift for one of these children, choose from among those hanging on the tree, and record your gift # and name on the log hung on the wall there and pick up an information sheet with written instructions. Then purchase and gift wrap your gift, with the label attached, and bring it back to the angel tree by Sunday, December 21st.

It starts with a gift, but the gift is only a symbol of God's gift of Jesus to all who believe. Please pray that this ministry will reach into the hearts of those we serve and that they will see Jesus in us.

It all starts with a gift...