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Sunday School

Sunday School

Starting Sunday, September 15 from 9:30am - 10:20am we have two new Sunday School classes for adults.  Learn more HERE about Sunday School classes for all ages.

A Prayer Saturated Church

Room 302 | Teachers:  Prayer Team

Imagine Christ Treasured above all things throughout the MetroWest.  Only God can do it.  How do we move the hand of God?  We do it through prayer.  If you are passionate about expanding the prayer life of our church and reaching MetroWest join us for this class.  It will include a growing understanding of how we can become a prayer saturated church.  More importantly, it includes a time of prayer for Westgate to become a prayer-saturated church and to reach those we wish to see come to Christ.

A Study Through Song of Solomon

Room 301 | Teachers:  Brian Mathes and Rob Johnson

Do you think you understand the depth of God’s love set out in Ephesians?  No? Do you think you understand the depth of justification set out in Romans?  No? Then you (like us) probably don’t understand the depth of what God promises for intimacy as set out in the Song of Solomon.  Come and explore what God offers through His word as we study the Song of Songs – a study in Romance!

Also there will be a Membership Class offered this Fall - click HERE to learn more.