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Living On Mission

Living On Mission


As we spent time last January looking at what it will take to move toward our vision to be a gospel-centered community living each day on mission for Christ, one of the key steps we talked about was embracing a gospel intentionality in our daily lives and activities. In other words, living on mission for Christ is not so much about adding to our already busy lives, but making the most of what we’re already doing. It’s about bringing the gospel to bear on all of life for all people amid life’s normal rhythms, things like celebrating, eating, listening, working, blessing, and suffering. (Read or listen to Pastor Brandon’s message on “Gospel Rhythms” from Jan. 27.)

Living with gospel intentionality is a remarkably simple idea. Yet for many of us it’s hard to know where to even begin. For this reason, we’re encouraging everyone at Westgate to spend the month of April going through the workbook, “Living on Mission.”

Living on Mission” will guide you through four weeks of practical, tangible ways of living out the gospel before a watching world. Each week focuses on a different life rhythm and follows a seven-day pattern of reading, reflection, and practice. There’s nothing special or magical about the practices and activities that are highlighted. They’re just normal, everyday things that can become vehicles for living out the gospel and inviting people into community. In other words, living missionally is not about doing different things. It’s about doing the same things differently. You’re going to eat every day. What if you began to intentionally use your mealtimes to show hospitality to non-Christians? You’re going to spend your money on something. What if you began to intentionally plan ways to bless others with your resources? This workbook will help you learn and begin to practice rhythms of gospel intentionality.

We will make copies of “Living on Mission” available in the weeks ahead. You can get either a printed copy or we can send you a pdf format for your e-reader. We encourage you to spend time in it daily, and to discuss it weekly with a few friends or your Home Fellowship. Because living on mission is something God calls us to do as a community, it will be most helpful if you work through this with others in your Home Fellowship or smaller group.


April 1-7 | Week One: Celebration
April 8-14 | Week Two: Listening
April 15-21 | Off (spring break)
April 22 -28 | Week Three: Blessing & Generosity
April 29–May 5 | Week Four: Hospitality