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January Focus: Moving toward our Vision

vision passport rotator 4To start the new year, we’re going to take a short break from our Matthew series and focus on the vision we adopted as a congregation one year ago: to be a gospel-centered community living each day on mission for Christ. We don’t want our vision statement to be a mere piece of paper on display in the lobby; we want it to be an accurate description of who we are and what we do!

So during January, we want to focus specifically on the practical implications of our vision—what it will look like for us to live this vision out? In other words, what will it take for our experience of ‘church’ to be less like something we go to, and more like something we are—a family of missionary servants empowered by God’s Spirit to make disciples for Christ?

To help us think about this, we’ll be looking at the following topics on Sunday mornings:

  • The Gospel as Center (January 6). Why must the gospel of Jesus be central to our lives, relationships, and mission? What practical difference does it make?
  • Gospel Identity (January 13). How does the gospel shape our identity as a family of missionary servants?
  • Gospel Mission (January 20). How do we practically go about making disciples as a community on mission for Christ?
  • Gospel Rhythms (January 27). How does our identity as a family and our mission to make disciples show up in how we spend our daily lives?

In connection to this preaching focus, we want to gather as a congregation to begin talking and praying about what all this might mean for us. We’ll have two opportunities to do so in January:

  • Sunday, January 20, 9:30am (during CE hour) in the fellowship hall.
  • Sunday, January 27, 12 noon, immediately following the morning service, in the fellowship hall. During this time we will share a light lunch together, and also cover any pre-annual meeting details.

Please join us in seeking the Lord’s guidance and grace as we move forward in our vision with renewed zeal in 2013.

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