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See How He Loved Them: Meditations on the Heart of Jesus

Westgate Fall18 Blog PostThere is nothing more important in life than knowing Jesus. But for many of us, our knowledge of Jesus gets stuck in the theoretical. We might understand the cross and the intricacies of the atonement; we might be able to recite the creeds or spot heresy a mile away; and yet Jesus can still feel cold and distant. Little more than a stained glass window, or a character in a book.

Sound doctrine is essential to a true knowledge of Jesus. But Jesus is more than a doctrine. He’s a person. A person whose heart is filled with love for us. A person who wants us to know his love, rest in his love, and emulate his love as we follow him each day. Knowing Jesus is more than understanding the significance of his work, or being able to explain his identity and nature; it’s beholding and enjoying his heart of love.

And one of the best ways to see the heart of Jesus and behold his love is by looking carefully at how he treated others. To read the stories of Jesus in the Gospel afresh, with an eye toward his interaction with people. In John 11, when Jesus arrived in Bethany, even though he knew he was about to raise Lazarus from the dead, he wept. His heart broke for him. And seeing this, “the Jews said, ‘See how he loved him!’” (Jn. 11:36). That’s what we want to do this fall. To meditate on the heart of Jesus in his interaction with those around him, and see how he loved them.

  • Willing Love, Mark 1:40-45
  • Heavenly Love, John 3:1-21
  • Comprehensive Love, Mark 2:1-12
  • Patient Love, Mark 4:35-41
  • Persistent Love, John 4:1-30
  • Provocative Love, Mark 5:21-43
  • Compassionate Love, Matt. 15:29-39
  • Astonishing Love, Mark 10:17-31
  • Prudent Love, Mark 10:32-52
  • Celebratory Love, John 2:1-11
  • Holy Love, John 8:12-30
  • Purposeful Love, John 11:1-44
  • Humble Love, John 13:1-20
  • Ultimate Love, Luke 23:26-43
  • Renewing Love, John 20:1-18
  • Revealing Love, Luke 24:13-35