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Email Safety at Westgate Church

We wanted to alert you about phishing or scam emails that have been sent to some of us.  The email appears to be sent by the Pastors and asks the recipient to respond.  Please know that only emails from the domain are official communications from Westgate Church.  If you ever receive a questionable email, please do not reply and also it is important to report the email as a scam.

Below are a few tips to help identify a phishing or scam email:

1) Urgent Requests - Email subject may include “Quick Response” or similar, also requests not to call but only reply via email

2) Email address is mismatched - When you hover your computer mouse over the sender’s name, it should match the email that is displayed

3) Spelling or Grammatical errors, formatting including use of bold font or an overly formal signature

Thank you for your patience and understanding, unfortunately this is not an issue limited to Westgate Church.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the church office.

Serving together,

The Deacon Board