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The King We Need, a short study of the book of 1 Samuel

Vision WEB sermonAs Westgate Church enters a season of transition, we know that it comes with a lot of questions. For some churches, changes in leadership can bring turbulence and uncertainty. It can easily become a period of distress as members and visitors alike wonder what lies ahead. As we’ve been blessed here at Westgate with godly and gifted leadership under Pastor Brandon, it can be especially easy to wonder whether the years before us will be as fruitful and edifying as the years now behind us. In the midst of that uncertainty, we may naturally begin to set our hopes for the future on some “ideal” pastor, one who will lead us into new frontiers of ministry and who’s dynamic and winsome preaching will attract a larger and larger audience. With the right pastor, we reason, Westgate will become healthier and more successful, prospering in all we hope to accomplish. The temptation to rest our hopes on the shoulders of some yet-unknown “ideal” pastor reminds me of 1 Samuel.

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