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Gospel Shaped Outreach- Part 1- What Is the Plan?

March 11, 2016 Speaker: Erik Raymond Series: Life on Mission Conference

Passage: Matthew 28:16–20

WELCOME to our Life on Mission Conference at Westgate Church. We believe God has called every church member to be a missionary, with every sphere of life as part of our mission field. This conference is one way we’re seeking to equip God’s people to that end.

Our theme this year is “Gospel-Shaped Outreach.” While living on mission for Christ is more than evangelism, it is certainly not less. Making disciples for Christ is simply not possible without communicating the gospel clearly, biblically, and meaningfully. To do that, what we need are not more gimmicks or shortcuts. We need to return to the gospel itself to find both our motivation and our message as we seek to share Christ with others. This is the focus of our 2016 Conference.

Part 1- What Is the Plan? The Great Commission and its place in biblical history

Part 2- Gaining Perspective: Who is Jesus? Who are we? Who are they?

Part 3- What do we say?

Part 4- Prayer & Mission
             How to Keep it Going: A Culture of Evangelism and Discipleship

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