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Where Is God When the World Falls Apart?

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Where Is God When the World Falls Apart?

The Book of Job: Where is God when the world falls apart?

In place of the originally planned series on fellowship, I have decided to spend the month of August walking through the book of Job.

Wherever we look, we see stories of grief, pain, and suffering. Some of those stories are our own. The loss of a job. The loss of our health. The loss of dignity, or even the loss of life. And as Christians, there is another, often deeply troubling layer to our loss: we believe in a good, loving, and powerful God who sovereignly rules the universe. A God who promises good to his people, who numbers our hairs and doesn’t let a sparrow fall to the ground apart from his plan (Matt. 10:29-30).

So when we experience suffering and pain, it inevitably drives us to ask honest questions about our situation, but ultimately about our God. Why me? Why would God let this happen to anyone, let alone his people? Why doesn’t he answer? Where is God when the world falls apart?

The book of Job resonates with both the suffering we experience and the searching questions it generates. It’s the story of one man’s devastating loss and the struggle to make sense of God in the midst of it.

Join us over the next five weeks as we walk through the overarching message of Job, with its overarching question: Where is God when the world falls apart?
August 7: The God of Suffering (Job 1:1-2:13)
August 14: The Voice of Suffering (Job 3:1-26)
August 21: The Cause of Suffering (Job 11:1-13:28)
August 28: The Wisdom of Suffering (Job 38:1-40:2)
September 4: The Vindication of Suffering (Job 42:1-17)