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Missions Partner Team

Mission "Partner Team" - A Mission Support Consortium

Westgate Church is a member of (and helped form) the "PartnerTeam" - A Mission Support Consortium.  This team Grace Chapel, First Congregational Church Hopkinton, The Fellowship (Easton) and Trinitarian Congregational Church (Wayland). PartnerTeam sent out its first jointly supported missionary in 2003.

The goal of PartnerTeam is to support homegrown missionaries from one of the member churches, and seeks to provide 90% of their needed financial, prayer and spiritual support. Missionaries are expected to seek 10% of their support from friends, relatives and the spousal home church for the purpose of broadening their prayer base.

PartnerTeam desires to become a model for other churches in co-operative missionary support and hopes to encourage multiple consortiums to be formed throughout New England and beyond.

Partner Team Missionary Support Policy

Partner Team Missionary Church Agreement

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