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Family Resources During Coronavirus

Family Resources During Coronavirus

The information on this webpage comes from several Westgate Church homeschool moms detailing strategies and tips for families to thrive during this uncertain COVID pandemic. As homeschool moms, we have experience with education resources that we’d like to share. We also are  learning and adapting to the many changes in our daily routines as outside activities are cancelled. Some us have additional kids home who were not home schooled. We share this information from experience and from lessons and new strategies we are learning. We are looking with hope to what the Lord will do with our extra time at home amidst the difficult circumstances.

Spiritual and emotional support

How to Talk With Your Children About Coronavirus article by Gospel Coalition

2. “Partner moms” from Westgate  - Please email Westgate office at office @, if you would like to talk with a mom who is willing to offer encouragement, support, answers to questions, or who will brainstorm with you solutions to any situations you are facing. Include the topics you would like to discuss in your email, and we will put you in touch with the mom best able to partner with you (ex. younger kids, older kids, special needs,  curriculum, schedule…).

Additional Resources:

Daily Structure
Academic Resources

Occupying Little Children When You Are Not Available

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