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Special Sunday School

January 6, 2019

9:30am – 10:20am

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Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) will share a presentation of their ministry on Sunday January 6th starting at 9:30am in Fellowship Hall.  Learn more at

Mission and Overview:  MFI is a non-partisan public policy organization dedicated to strengthening families in Massachusetts. MFI engages in research and education on a wide range of public policy issues to strengthen the well-being, health and safety of families – its individual members and the collective unit.

While many of the issues in which MFI engages are complex, we believe that the best solutions are found through a system of valuing the life and well being of every child, woman and man. To that end, we seek to reduce barriers that threaten family stability and to create a political and social environment where families can thrive and prosper.

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