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Daily Structure

We recognize the need for structure and the security that is found in daily routine for both our kids and for us. This structure can look different depending on the personalities of the parents and the ages of the children.

* Having a morning meeting to make a list for each child each day. This can be done with input from the children.
* Having a daily schedule. This widely shared schedule is included to encourage you to keep your schedule simple.COVID-19 Schedule
*Conducting a brainstorming meeting with children regarding activities they would like to do during their extended time at home. You could have areas for them to consider:
  - A meal or recipe they’d like to learn to make
  - A game they’d like to play
  - An outdoor activity they’d like to do as a family
  - Something they’d like to learn 
  - A craft/project they’d like to make
  - A home improvement/decorating project they’d like to accomplish
  - A goal they’d like to accomplish (learning to tie shoes, learning multiplication facts…

* Looking at the whole health of your family as you develop a “new normal.” Some areas you might consider including in your schedule/routine are:

* This one is not optional. Do not neglect meeting together. Hebrews 10:25. One resource is the Westgate virtual church service. (link to Westgate sermon). Stay in touch with others. One mom was blessed to receive two calls from Westgate members early Sunday afternoon. “I felt like I was having fellowship hour in fellowship hall after church.”
* Memorize a section of scripture together as a family
* Daily devotions with your family
* Pray for the pandemic
* Virtual Bible studies and prayer with others - One option is Overcoming Lies About Beauty and Worth,  March 23 - April 27 for moms and girls 8-12
* VidAngel -  The Chosen, 8 video episodes about the life of Christ, VidAngel is offering free streaming service during this time
* Read a missionary biography together as a family. (Christian Heroes by YWAM Publishing is an inspiring series)

* Avoid children spending long periods of time in their room.
* Encourage kids to connect via phone, Facetime, and Skype with others.
* Talk to the people in your house. One resource is 90 Family Dinnertime Conversation Starters

* You and your kids can call neighbors, especially the elderly, or grandparents to check in or to see if they need anything or just to break up their time. With visits to nursing homes being severely restricted, many elderly would appreciate a call.
* Write a note to someone.

* Get out and go for a walk together as a family. Consider making this a daily activity.
* Have fun with games and family movies.
* Relax!

Life skills
* Laundry
* Cooking
* How to tie your shoes
* Organize closets

* Interactive daily video with author Mo Willems - free
* Youtube contains lots of free drawing and painting lessons for all ages
* Recipes for Playdough, Jello Playdough and Goop
* Free online dance classes during this time

* Go for a bike ride
* Play a yard game - basketball, badminton...

* Read aloud daily. You will have precious memories of this time! Well-Trained Mind Reading List has many good classics. Other good booklists are found at Redeemed Reader and Plugged In
* Watch a documentary 
* Learn to play chess - includes resources to learn and play online