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Vision: Looking Back, Pressing Forward

vision back forward2aJust over one year ago, we adopted a new vision at Westgate Church: to be a gospel-centered community living each day on mission for Christ. We spent the last month taking a fresh look at that vision and asking what it will take for us to move closer toward it. Or in other words, what will it take for our experience of ‘church’ to be less like something we go to and more like something we are—a family of missionary servants empowered by God’s Spirit to make disciples for Christ?

I’ve summarized the January sermon series below, both as a reminder and for the sake of any who missed part of it (audio and notes are also available). We also had two incredibly helpful congregation-wide discussions. We’ll share a summary of what we learned from those in the days ahead.

For February, I want to ask our congregation to devote this month to prayer for our vision moving ahead. God is the one who must do the work; we have nothing apart from him. Our efforts must always be bathed in prayer, but let us commit all the more so during February (and the upcoming Lenten season in particular) to asking God to bear much fruit among us through this vision.

Moving Toward Our Vision: Series Summary

1. The Gospel as Center (Jan. 6) | audio and notes
Everything we are and do flows out of the gospel and points back to the gospel—the good news of what God has done to establish his kingdom and deal with our sin through the life, death, and resurrection of his Son, Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Gospel Identity (Jan. 13) | audio and notes
In Christ we are a family of worshipers, learners, servants, and missionaries, in whom God dwells and through whom he displays his glory.

3. Gospel Mission (Jan. 20) | audio and notes
Our mission is to make disciples of all nations; the means God has given us is his transforming Word and our transparent lives; and the method we follow is to evangelize non-believers, establish new or young believers, and equip growing believers for gospel ministry.

4. Gospel Rhythms (Jan. 27) | audio and notes
Making disciples requires an intentionality that brings the gospel to bear on all of life for all people amid life’s natural rhythms: celebrate, listen, eat, work, rest, bless, and suffer.

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