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Praying for the Mission

The goal of our recent Life on Mission Conference was not just to have a conference, but to seek God to deepen our awe for him and his gospel, along with our passion and skill in living as missionaries wherever we live and work. (Listen to the conference audio here.)

As we continue to seek God in this way, here are four specific prayer points from the conference that I encourage us to be praying together.

1. “Your mission will only be as deep as your gospel.” (Jared Wilson)
Pray for personal revival for ourselves and our congregation—that we would be filled with awe over God and what he’s done to redeem unworthy sinners for the sake of his glory. Pray that we would see more clearly just how bad our estate is apart from Christ, and therefore how immeasurably sweet is the grace we have in Jesus.

2. “The gospel gives us a redemptive view of place.” (Jared Wilson)
Pray for public revival in our cities and region, that the dry bones of New England would live again. Pray that God would grant power to his Word such that sleepy Christians would wake up, nominal Christians would be converted, and hearts hardened against the Lord would melt in joyful repentance and faith.

3. “The best way to get a heart for mission is to start praying for non-believers by name.” (Bland Mason)
Pray specifically for friends, colleagues, family, neighbors, and classmates, that God would fill our hearts with love toward them and open their hearts to the gospel of his grace.

4. “Do something missional this week.” (Bland Mason)
Pray for God to open our eyes to simple opportunities to love our non-believing neighbors this week, and give us the courage and grace to do them.