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Men's Conference, Nov. 14-15

I’m excited to invite men, young and old, to our upcoming Men’s Conference, here at Westgate on Nov. 14-15. The conference is hosted by the Metro West Men’s Ministry that we are part of, along with First Baptist Church in Sudbury, and Trinitarian Congregational Church in Wayland.


The topic for this year’s conference is personal transformation. You can go to the local bookstore and find an abundance of titles on how to improve yourself, but the joy of the Christian is not improvement: it’s transformation. We all want to be better, but even this noble desire falls short of what Christ wants for us and commands from us. But how do we dare measure up to be holy as God is Holy? It is an honest question that we will aim to answer over this 3-session weekend led by our speaker, Michael Morgan.

We will be learning the truth of God’s holy nature: his immeasurable beauty, transforming power, and unstainable purity. We then will see in scripture that God graciously shares His nature with us so that we are transformed to be like Him, to want what He wants and do what He does, ultimately leading to a life worthy of Christ because of His work of holiness in us. So join us, not because we want to improve, but because we want to be transformed.


The conference will gather here at Westgate Church on Friday night, Nov. 14 from 7:00-9:00 pm, and then reconvene at the same place Saturday morning, Nov. 15, from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. For a more detailed schedule click here.


We’re praying that men from all over the Metro West area will join us, not just from the three sponsoring churches. We’d love to see young men in high school and junior high come as well. You can direct people to the website for more details, or pick up a few extra brochures at the church welcome table on Sunday morning.


Since Westgate is hosting this year, we’ll be providing the breakfast on Saturday morning (similar to what we did for the MWM breakfasts last spring). If you’d like to help, reply and let me know. We’ll need 6-8 men to help set up and work the kitchen that morning, arriving around 6:30 am.


To sign up, click here. There is a $10 fee payable at the door (though if that’s a problem, let me know; we don’t want someone to not come because of money). If you forget to register, you can still come and register at the door, but registering in advance helps us plan better for things like food and materials.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Hope to see you there!

Pastor Brandon