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Jonah Series

Jonah_Potential-SlideHow far would you go to help someone you love? Would you dash home from work? Or catch a flight if the situation were urgent? Of course you would. But what if it weren’t a friend or family member who needed help? Would you hesitate to slap down your credit card to buy that expensive last-minute plane ticket? What if the person who needed help was not just a stranger, but an enemy? What thoughts would go through your mind as you considered their need? 

Over two millennia ago, a man named Jonah faced a question like this. Living in ancient Israel, he saw a vast and bloodthirsty enemy on the horizon. The Assyrians had already waged brutal campaigns in the region and were presently demanding tributes from Israel so that they would be spared the same fate. Jonah, a prophet in northern Israel, knew judgement would come for the Assyrians one day, and he relished the opportunity to see it firsthand. But then he received a word from God to go to Assyria – to the capital city of Nineveh – in order to call people there to repentance.  

Best remembered for the moment Jonah is swallowed by a giant fish, the book of Jonah is really a story of calling, rebellion, repentance, and most importantly, mercy. It reveals the surprising compassion of God – even toward those who least deserve it. And it compels its readers to face the hardness of their own hearts in the face of that far-reaching compassion.

As we study this short book, we’ll encounter

            The God Who Pursues Rebels (chapter 1)
            The God Who Hears (chapter 2)
            The God Who Reigns Over Nations (chapter 3)
            The God Who Abounds in Steadfast Love (chapter 4)

We hope you’ll join us.