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Home Fellowships are now Home Groups

If you’ve been a part of Westgate for a while, you may have recently noticed a subtle change in the name of our small group ministry: home fellowships are now called home groups.

What’s in a name?

Home groups are small groups that meet midweek throughout the MetroWest. So why change the name? It’s not because we want there to be less fellowship! It’s because home groups are about more than fellowship; they’re also about discipleship and mission.

Disciples are followers of Christ. We want to help one another grow in spiritual maturity and Christ-like character.

Community (or fellowship)
The church is a family. We want to grow in Christ together, sharing life in and around the good news of Jesus.

We’re a people with a mission. We want our common pursuit of Christ to bear fruit in our witness to Christ, whether that means reaching out together as a group, or supporting and encouraging one another in our distinct spheres of influence.

It’s a small change, but we hope it will help us draw attention more accurately to the full scope of what home groups are about. Click here to learn more or get involved.