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Daniel Series

4x3 Slide - TitleIt’s never been easy to live in faithfulness and obedience to God. Beset by daily temptation, anxieties, and conflicts, every Christian knows what it means to struggle against sin in a fight for righteousness. However, each new day seems to bring with it additional challenges. We face mounting pressure to abandon doctrines and perspectives considered out of date. We wrestle with difficult questions about how to conform to the teaching and authority of scripture when it conflicts with the ideologies that dominate the world around us. And we wonder how we are to love and seek the best for our communities when doing so demands wisdom beyond our own. This is certainly not the most difficult time or place to live with commitment to Christ, but the challenges we face are not insignificant. For that reason, we will be studying through the book of Daniel this Fall at Westgate.

Christians need the book of Daniel, partly as a source of encouragement as we live in societies increasingly unenthusiastic about biblical principles, and partly as a stunning reminder of God’s unbreakable faithfulness. Through the life of Daniel, we get a glimpse of that divine faithfulness and how it shapes the way God’s people live in a fallen world when it seems like all is lost. It is a story of courage that is rooted in the fact that God keeps his promises and loves his people. Ultimately though, Daniel’s story paves the way for the greatest story, in which another man was oppressed, abused, and subjected to the will of a wicked king. Yet, because God is sovereign, even the death of Christ was not his defeat, but the redemption of all who toil under the authority of earthly powers. This ancient book reminds us to remain faithful to God because he is faithful to us. It reminds us to trust him even when things look bleak, because he has proven that his word never fails and that as we look to him, we will have strength to endure the world and to love those in it.

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