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2017 Life on Mission Conference: A Better Story

LOM 17 logoWhat does it look like for me to be a faithful witness to Jesus in this kind of world?

Whether we realize it or not, the world is immersing us into a story, and the world’s story counters the true Story of our world as unfolded in the Scriptures. The stories of our world shape and form our desires and practices in many ways.

What happens when we fall for false stories related to technology? What happens when we are unable to spot propaganda and messages in our entertainment, when we believe myths about who we are and what we’re on earth for, when we embrace myths about sex, the family, education, or political parties?

Falling for myths leads us to compromise our faith and dilute our witness. And even in cases where we try hardest to remain faithful, our lack of confidence can stir up fear, uncertainty, and confusion.

But what if Christians weren’t surprised or panicked by the state of our culture, but instead were aware of the origin and trajectory of the trends we see? What if, instead of merely decrying the decline in American morals, Christians learned to affirm what is good in our culture’s narratives, challenge what is bad, and showcase the gospel as a better story?

With eyes open, ears attuned, hands ready to serve, and hearts full of passion, Christians can and must stay on mission in turbulent times. By illuminating the contrast between the true story of our world and the false hopes and dreams on display in our culture’s beliefs and practices, we can live as faithful witnesses in a secular age.

We need to see the world through a biblical lens – to affirm what is good and right, to reject what is false and wrong, and to show how the gospel tells a better story and answers the deepest longings of people in our time. This is what Trevin Wax will help us focus on during our 2017 Life on Mission Conference: A Better Story: Gospel Conversations in Everyday Life.

Join Westgate Church and First Baptist Church of Sudbury on March 24-25, 2017, for our Life on Mission Conference.

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