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Academic Resources

Start small. You do not need to recreate school. You may want to consider daily reading, writing, and math if your school is not sending home work, but also consider making this a time to pursue interests, learn something new, and enjoy the extra family time. Some resources we recommend are listed below (Disclaimer: Some of these websites are not from a Christian perspective, and parents may want to monitor these.):

Language arts
* Daily journaling  
* Daily reading - libraries have digital access to many books, and some libraries are allowing you to sign up for a temporary card online during this time, Blog post with reading suggestions by grade
* Spelling City - free right now with code, VSCFree90
* Operation Story Time -  authors reading to you
* Storyline Online -  actors reading stories

* Reflex Math - learn math facts with games, first 30 days are free
* is offering a free 30 day subscription
* Math games - Math games using cards and dice

* Mystery Science - mini lessons with videos and experiments. Some content is free, and some is paid.
* Answers in Genesis - contains science topics from a young earth Christian perspective. Have fun learning science from the perspective that God is the creator of this amazing world!
* Cincinnati Zoo - daily 3:00 events that highlight one animal and include an activity you can complete at home

* Liberties Kids Video Series - American history video series can be purchased inexpensively along with a study guide and activities

* Duolingo - free courses to learn many languages 

* Khan Academy - video lessons and assessments in many subjects for all ages
* Abeka Curriculum - many colorful workbooks from a Christian perspective for all subjects and all ages can be ordered
* Scholastic Lessons - 20 days of free active learning journeys